Instagram ads are useful in driving traffic to your online business. The popularity of Instagram is skyrocketing just like all of the social media platforms. While many Instagram users are just becoming familiar with the purchasing options of Instagram, recent research statistics indicate that almost seventy-five percent of the users on the Instagram platform make purchases based on the information seen on Instagram.

While the ability to purchase on Instagram has been available for a few years now, many users are not accustomed to using it to purchase. Therefore, when creating Instagram Ads be sure to make it user friendly and enticing to your audience. For example, always include a CTA (call to action).

As with any platform, in order to make the most of your ads, they need to be specific to your target audience. Instagram has more than 900 million Instagrammers, with demographics consisting of 55% between the ages of 18 to 29, 28% being between 30 to 49 and 15% of the Instagram users are between the ages of 50 to 65.

Creating Your Business Profile

Be sure your business profile is set up correctly from the beginning. This will provide you with a solid foundation on Instagram.

  • Profile Photo: Ideally this will be your company logo, paving the way to building brand awareness from the very beginning.
  • Account Name: This should be your business name and it should also be consistent with all social media profiles for your business, as a way to create consistency.
  • Username: Again, use your company name and no spaces are allowed here.
  • Website: This will be the clickable URL and most businesses link it to their business website.
  • Bio: This is where you talk up your business, including what you do and what your business is about. If you have a company slogan, be sure to include it here. Cheer your business on in every way with the Bio. There are multiple creative options to take advantage of this section.

The business profile lays the groundwork for your Instagram presence. You will be able to communicate to your audience the best way to contact you as well has directly link to your Instagram ads, which are easily managed from your mobile device.

Types of Instagram Ads

Once you have your business account and profile set up on Instagram, there a few different ad formats to choose from, all of which easily incorporate into the stories and feeds, as well as Facebook Ad Manager.

#1 Instagram Photo Ads

This is the opportunity to use photos that are visually appealing to the audience, enticing them to find out more.

Instagram Photo Ads example

#2 Instagram Video Ads

The video ads on Instagram can last up to sixty seconds. This type of ad is one of the reasons that Instagram is so popular. With many purchases being made with smartphones and surfing taking place while standing in a line or waiting for an appointment, or enjoying a quick break from work, this ad can be informative and due to its brief length, it appeals to the on-the-go mindset.

#3 Instagram Carousel Ads

The carousel format consists of still images that can be swiped through by the Instagram user, while including your business call-to-action. The similarities between carousel ads and content marketing with both focusing on delivering valuable information, but with the carousel ads being much more abbreviated.

#4 Instagram Story Ads

The story ad on Instagram is utilized in much the same way as a news feed but in a more enticing way. This ad is designed to be full screen and can be linked with posts that you make on Instagram, making them look organic

#5 Instagram Collection Ads

You can use collection to visually inspire and help your audience discover, browse and purchase products. Tell an integrated story with a product or lifestyle focus, through video, images or both.




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