Though each business’ content marketing strategy may be a bit different, all content marketing is fundamentally the same. Each strategy is comprised of different components that work together. Are you stumped about what exactly you should implement in your content marketing strategy for your business, or are you just thirsty for some new ideas? Regardless of the case, you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled seven content marketing examples that you should implement in your business this year. Your content marketing strategy won’t even know what hit it! Let’s take a look.


Blog Posts

Blog posts deserve the first spot on this list for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that even after decades they are still one of the most effective content marketing strategies. (Newsflash, you do realize that the fact you’re reading this, a blog post that is a part of our content marketing strategy, proves this point, right?)


Most businesses use blog posts as the basis for their content marketing, and we couldn’t agree more. If your website doesn’t have a blog, be sure to create one. Churning out content for your blog doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. Instead, aim to publish at least one blog per week. When it comes to blog posts, consistency will be the method that helps you to see results.


Online & Print Publications

Do you already have blog posts, and want to take things a step further? Then an online publication (possibly with a print component, depending on your audience) is the next logical step. If your business is in a niche with high competition, you sell a high-value product and serve an audience that consumes written content well, then this may just be the opportunity you need to set yourself apart from the competition.


With an online publication, it would be like creating a virtual magazine. You could even go as far as creating a physical magazine out of the articles that you’ve created for the online space. With an online or print publication, you’ll instantly increase your expert-level within your industry. In addition to that, if your audience thrives on education, they’ll love being able to get quality information from you.

Creating an online publication may be easier than you think. For one, it doesn’t have to be an expansive publication, neither do you have to publish more often than quarterly.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is still another effective content marketing method. However, email marketing has matured from just emailing promotional content to past customers. Now, email marketing is much more in-depth, and arguably a bit more complex. With email marketing, the goal is to keep your audience engaged with regular emails about topics that interest them and educate them, with the occasional promotional emails.


You can implement email marketing easily by adding an email capture component to your website, as well as populating your email list with the emails of past customers. With this list, you can send out custom content that your audience will love.


Live Classes

If you run a business in a technical field, or you make most of your money selling services or products that help people to improve their lives or solve a specific problem, then a live class can be a great content marketing addition. With a live class, you can help interested members of your audience solve a specific problem.


Setting up a live class is simple, especially which software like WebinarJam that takes care of all the technical aspect. You can have a member of your team host these classes, or you can do them yourself depending on your level of involvement. The key is choosing topics that will both educate your audience and solve a problem that they have, while also creating the opportunity for them to think about purchasing your products.


Social Media

Using social media is a content marketing component that also helps to greatly improve your content marketing strategy. With social media, the options are limitless. While you can post content curated from other portions of your strategy like blog post snippets and videos, you will see the best results by creating a dedicated social media strategy.


Your dedicated social media strategy falls under the umbrella of content marketing, and can include things like original photos, specialty videos, quotes, and other content curated especially for social media. By consulting with a social media expert, you can totally ramp up your social media presence with interesting content.


Case Studies

Do you run a business in a niche that values word-of-mouth recommendations most? Then case studies are probably the content marketing strategy you need to implement. With case studies, you are able to demonstrate in detail, your ability to solve the customer’s need with your problem. Typically used as a way to provide data for decision-makers, they are geared towards members of your audience who need help making a decision.


A champion in the case study realm is Hubspot. With a library of more than three hundred case studies from almost every industry you can think of, featuring businesses of different sizes — clients who need help making a decision will find everything they need to make a decision. By emulating their example of content marketing within your business, you can experience the same results.


We saved the best example for last! Video is one of the most effective content marketing methods. With it, you’re able to keep your audience engaged, while imparting information that will make your brand top of mine.


An example of using video in content marketing is found in a video series we created for one of our clients, Speedlancer. In this video series titled 5 Minute Founder, we created short videos geared towards Speedlancer’s audience. By incorporating videos like these in your content marketing strategy, you’ll be able to connect with your audience on a deeper level.


Have you already found some of these tips helpful? Here at Business Wilderness, do all this and more for our clients.