As a business owner, there’s no way that you can get everything done yourself. You need trusted people on your team who are capable of doing work that moves the needle, and help your business to grow. If you run a retail business, an effective retail marketing manager is one of the key team members you’ll need.

But, what should you look for when hiring a retail marketing manager? Think about it can be difficult, especially if you’ve never given much thought into it before. It isn’t out of your reach, however. Let’s take a look at our top eight tip for hiring a successful retail marketing manager.

Do Your Research On Retail Marketing

Before you even hire a retail marketing manager, you should be well-versed on what retail marketing is. This will give you insight on what to look for, as well as what to include in the job description. Having more knowledge will put you in the drivers’ seat of the hiring process, and evaluate candidates based on more than just what your initial impression of them is. Your research will also help you figure out what key goals within your business you want the retail marketing manager to work on. With these goals in mind, you’ll know what questions to ask in the interview. But, personality is also a big part of looking for someone to join your team, so let’s look at the next tip.

Know The Kind Of Person That Would Work Well With Your Team

If your business is currently comprised of agile team members who think on their feet, then hiring a marketing manager who is more laid back would defeat the entire purpose of building your team. New hires should blend well with your team. When looking for retail marketing managers, make sure that you take their personality into consideration. Observe your team members to figure out the kind of person you’d need to lead them, and also know the kind of person who would do well in your company culture. Making it a point of your duty to teach corporate culture during the onboarding process will also help after you’ve selected someone.

Make Sure They Have A Strong Network

Any good marketer should be a people person with a strong network, since marketing is largely an extraverted career. It’s no different for the retail marketing manager you’re looking to hire. Be sure to include questions about their professional connections, and the reason why they’re currently looking for a new job. Afterward, be sure to follow up with their previous places of employment to get a gauge on the kind of person they really are. A retail marketing manager with a strong network will be an asset to your business in the long run.

Choose Someone Who Makes Data-Oriented Decisions

We can’t stress this point enough! Your retail marketing manager should have sharp analytical skills, and a proven track-record of using data analysis to make marketing decisions. They should be able to “read” data, and make accurate conclusions about your business’ current marketing state, and what needs to be done to get to the place you want to be. Ask questions that give the candidate the opportunity to show off these skills, and perhaps even assign a test assignment.


Make Sure They’re Creative Problem Solvers

The nature of the game when it comes to running an online retail business is this — every day is almost unpredictable. Retail marketing is no different. You’ll want to have somebody leading your marketing team that can handle the different problems that will come up. They’ll need to be able to think on their feet and solve the problems that come up, even with limited resources. A probationary period is definitely one of the ways to gauge their skills in this area.

They Should Have Strong Leadership Skills

This should go without being said, but sometimes we forget that a retail marketing manager actually has to manage people. Finding a candidate with strong leadership skills will make a world of difference, especially when it comes to meeting business objectives and inspiring your team to bring their best to every assignment. The best leaders lead from the back and are heavily involved in the execution of the marketing team’s efforts. You’ll want to determine if your potential retail marketing manager is capable of that.

Retail Marketers Should Be Comfortable With Digital

There will be a few cues to look for when looking for a retail marketing manager. How comfortable are they with digital media? Are they up to date with current digital and retail marketing trends? Do they use this knowledge in their day to day life? Do they have a favorite blog? Do they have a favorite podcast? By finding out this kind of information, you’ll come to understand if marketing is just a job for the candidate, or if it is something that they’re truly passionate about. You’ll want to find somebody passionate.


Ensure They’re Willing To Mentor Your Team

Mentorship is important. Each person you hire should contribute positively to the business’ development, but also to the professional development of your team. Be sure to ask about any previous jobs that the candidate held to get an idea of their mentorship experience. In bringing their wealth of knowledge to your business, the ideal candidate will enrich the company both financially and with knowledge.

When You Want It All Without The Headache

These eight tips will help you to find a retail marketing manager to take your ecommerce business to new heights. But, what if all of this seems too much for you? What if you’re still not sure of what all this looks like in an interview process? Don’t worry, you’re in luck! Here at Business Wilderness, we handle retail marketing for our clients, and provide them with all the benefits of having an in-house marketing manager plus more! 


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