With more than 80% of businesses being on social media now, finding new techniques is a must. The good news is with expert businesses that make this their main focus, means that you can reach your target audience without learning how to do it yourself.

The goal of all social media marketing companies is helping business clients reach their goals of not only being seen on social media platforms but also increasing profits and building customer loyalty.

Here’s a look at some of the more popular Australian agencies offering social media marketing.

#5 Assemblo

Successful marketing provides your company with revenue and without it, you’re in big trouble.

With the impact that social media has in helping businesses acquire and keep customers, you know you need a solution fast. Perhaps this problem is two-fold for you; either you lack the manpower to take action or you lack the expertise.


That’s what leads many companies to Assemblo. The philosophy behind this agency is building trust with clients through the assembly of a transparent relationship. The small team consists of just seven workers specializing in business growth.

#4 SEOcycle

Marketing is an investment, which means you want to make a wise decision when selecting a social media advertising company. You’ll want to be sure that you are choosing a company with the right experience and talents.

SEOcycle looks to fill the gap that many other agencies leave by offering all of the following services: copywriting, blogging, SEO, and social media management. Unfortunately, they don’t identify their employees by name but they do claim to have a team of more than 120 specialists spread across three continents.

seo cycle

To many, that may sound like an agency working with freelancers rather than an established group of collaborative employees. With that said, SEOcycle does come highly rated and seems fully capable of getting  the job done.

#3 Indylogix

From website and app development to SEO and social media management, Indylogix tries to do it all for its clients. On the website, they state:

“Over the next five years, we plan on growing into one of the top Indian IT Offshore Solutions providers for the leading IT giants across the world.”


They service both North America and Australia, although communication could appear to be a hurdle based on their website copy. Of course, they are one of the highest ranking agencies serving the country, and that’s why they make the list.

#2 Creative69

Also based in India, Creative69 is a full-service web agency servicing businesses across Australia. Established in 2013, the agency has built quite the reputation for itself as a solutions provider for digital marketing, SEO, and other online business services.


They list many famous small and medium-sized Australian companies on their website, showing off their reputation as a “brand partner” and successful reputation management company. While they do not list their prices online, contacting them for a quote is simple enough.

#1 INK Digital

INK Digital most certainly tops this list thanks to their award for Creative Team of the Year back in 2014. They have continued to maintain the high standards that earned them that title, but they have since begun the process of rebranding to “Woven”.


They market themselves as “experts in responsive website design and development, mobile apps, social and marketing.” Their new website include testimonials from Princess Yachts and a list of fourteen awards that the agency has earned overtime.

Locations in Europe, North America, and Australia signify their success, large reach, and breadth of experience.

About Business Wilderness

Business Wilderness is a company that has assisted clients with digital marketing for more than ten years. We consistently research trends and compile data to ensure we stay well-informed in marketing demands so we provide valuable service.

Our team of experts realizes that the old ways of advertising are no longer working for businesses. It isn’t a one sided conversation of generating an ad with the brand in bold in neon letters and expecting people to buy. On the contrary, we realize the best approach for attracting customers is to give them what they are looking for, which is visibility, trust, transparency and relationships.

The fact is, that more than 81% of consumers research products online prior to buying. At Business Wilderness, we embrace this knowledge and create marketing tactics that will put your business at the forefront in Google searches and in Social Media.

We will discuss with you what your goals are and develop a strategy that will not only get you seen, but also help ensure that your company delivers content on a consistent basis, as well as putting processes in place to leverage you in building important relationships through interactions.

Once you share your goals with us, we will target customers who are not just interested in what you have but ones who are ready to buy.

We place value on statistics and when we know that 70 to 80% of search engine users opt for the organic results that appear on that first page of results, then you can trust part of your campaign will be geared to reach those search engine users.

We tailor your marketing campaign to fit your needs and the results will be communicated with you on a regular basis, with the plan of making adjustments along the way to improve those results over the course of time.

Business Wilderness has the expertise and talent. We will be as involved as you need us to be, whether that means helping with content creation, keyword optimization or anything in between. We are here so your business will be transformed into the social presence you want; achieving brand recognition and increasing profits.


Get Familiar with Social Media Marketing for your Business

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