Building your Brand in 2019 is more important than ever with the emergence of voice technology multiple search engines results will disappear. Consumers will be presented with products that are best served by the platforms. Voice Platforms have built their own private brands which will lead consumers to purchasing them, therefore as organisations more than ever it is important to have consumers searching platforms specifically with your brand. 



Video Transcript

Welcome to the Marketing Wrap. My name is Ahmad Elhawli, and today we are discussing how to grow your brand in 2019. The current market place is very crowded. Making your brand stand out can be a bit of a challenge. So how do you do so? Marketing is becoming very expensive. Developing brands is essential for every single organisation today. You can’t rely on any platforms. You can’t rely on any individual growing your brand. You need to invest in your brand. When algorithms change, when search engines start taking things away from you, there’s only one thing that holds. It’s your brand. so how do you do so?

Basically you have to have an omnipresence. You have to be everywhere. You have to be on different platforms creating content, and educating and nurturing the consumer, through their journey. Let’s give you a few examples. Google did a study and they come up with a case study of an individual purchasing candy. She conducted 13 searches, through the Google Search Engine. Then a YouTube search looking for a video, relevant to the candy that you wanted to purchase, then she went in store to make the purchase.

During that process, she had 25 different touch points. So you could just imagine how much content needed to be out there, to gather that individual’s attention. Individuals now do not want to look for your brand everywhere. You have to be where your audience is. You have to be there when your audience wants a solution. You need to be in front of your audience, at the right time, at the right place. If you’re not, other companies will take the attention of your audience, and your company will suffer. Create content. Create video. Create how to videos. Create audio. Audio is the future. Audio is the future.

When Amazon introduces it’s Alexa, and really steps things up, they haven’t even started with it, Alexa, especially here in Australia, your brand is going to win. Your brand is going to win because the search engine results, now you have multiple results. With voice search, it’s not going to be like that. It’s going to be, ‘I want a milk carton.” “Okay. Here’s Pauls milk.” Your brand is what is going to get you through. Focus on your brand. Build your brand. Take it to the next level. Create content. And create the many different touch points to win your consumer. Thank you for tuning in!