Building a successful ad strategy for Facebook is quite possible and it can even provide the opportunity for a friendly-spirited, creative flair of advertising. Being that Facebook is geared towards social media and friendships, it should be handled differently than the way you advertise on other platforms. Just as you would never use a radio ad for television, the same rules hold true for Facebook marketing. Make your Facebook ad strategy relational and interactive rather than one with traditional product advertisement.

Tips for Facebook Marketing

On Facebook, people are seeking conversation and the sharing of information among “friends.” So with keeping that in mind, Facebook is not where the “hard sell” marketing should take place. Rather, take the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and get involved in the community-style of Facebook. This approach ultimately helps to build trust from customers and as a result has the potential of leading to long-term return customers.

To get started on Facebook you should create a Facebook Business Page as well as an Ad Account.  

Creating a Strategy

When first starting out on Facebook as a way to promote your business, it is wise to plan a strategy and a clearly defined goal. For instance, if a coffee shop decides to begin marketing on Facebook they may set a target goal of increasing sales by 8% over the next five months through Facebook, in which case the strategy for that may include:

  • Being dedicated to creating a post every morning that promotes the special of the day along with a “coupon code” that is tracked via Facebook ads.
  • Post a daily photo of a customer, whether it is theme related or not, it shows that the coffee shop appreciates its customers.
  • Get customers involved by posting selfie photos enjoying the cup of coffee they just purchased at the coffee shop.

This customer engagement builds relationships with customers, shows others that the company is actively involved and appreciates their customers; and more importantly, the tracking will allow your company to maintain focus on the goal that was set forth.


Build A Business Page

Building your business page is in some ways similar to your business website but will offer benefits that are unique to Facebook. You’ll want to set up a business page that includes an “About” section along with your branding, company slogan, attractive images, information about your company and the products and services you offer. This is also where you’ll want to talk about the history of your company or staff involvement; anything that will attract attention to what your company is about. Remember Facebook is about sharing and building relationships.

Facebook Profiles

Post Videos and Photographs

With the popularity of tagging, sharing photos and videos being such a large part of Facebook, use it as an opportunity to grow your business. Videos that educate consumers about your products will be a creative way to get the word out about what your business has to offer, without the audience being required to seek out your business website or Facebook page.

This outlet can also be used as an opportunity to invite customers to enter contests or giveaways, and complete surveys which builds interaction and gives your audience the opportunity to share with friends and family.

Offer Value

In addition to videos and photographs, you can offer helpful tips to your Facebook audience. For example, if you are in the clothing business, offer fashion tips, or how to’s of pulling off a look when working with a small budget or buying clothes suited to body shape, etc. This process provides value to your audience regardless if they are paying customers or someone who just discovered your business page and are interested to learn more about your company and products. The free, valuable information whether it is in the form of a free how-to or other helpful hints, will help to build trust while also showing that you are not only out to make a sell, but care about helping others with no strings attached and developing yourself as a resource to the industry.

Raising Awareness of Your Brand

Along with offering value, you will want to incorporate the use of your brand in the free content as well as encouraging your audience to click the ‘Like’ button to share. This will help build awareness of your brand because when people ‘like’  or share your page or post it will prompt the sharing of it to the Facebook walls of your customer.

Offer Customer Support and Service

Being accessible for customer support is huge in today’s world, especially on Facebook. People perceive the level of customer support and care that is offered as a grading scale of how much you truly care about them. When advertising on Facebook, customers will be able to post questions on your Facebook wall which 1) provides you an easy way to respond to customers and it also builds an organic FAQ for your business so future customers can get answers to commonly asked questions without you or your staff needing to become directly involved.

In addition to customer support, be sure to respond to comments on your page in a timely manner. When you add a post to Facebook, it is inevitable that comments will be added and the interactivity and regular response will show your audience that you are reachable, engaged, personable and real; thus helping nurture the relationships with your audience.


Post Regularly

When you begin advertising your business on Facebook be sure to schedule regular posts to remain consistent. Facebook news feeds are constantly being updated, so you want to let your audience “hear from” or “see you” on a regular & consistent basis.

Facebook is very personal, so you should market in a personal way, not in a formal business-like manner. Encourage interaction from the audience, allowing them to leave comments to your posts. This is a perfect opportunity to get customers to provide feedback on what interests them. Furthermore, be sure to respond to the comments regularly to show that you’re responsive.

Use Facebook Live

In addition to posting videos, photos and freebie info to your business Facebook page, it is highly advised that you give Facebook Live Broadcasts a try as well. Some businesses avoid this because the thought of “going live” is so stressful, a live broadcast plays right into that friendly environment and can give your business a huge popularity boost in viewership. You can be creative in your Facebook Live presentation by sharing info about your product or doing a giveaway or drawing, which will encourage interaction from your audience during the live broadcast.


Audience Insights Tool

The Audience Insights Tool offered by Facebook will further help you target people that fit the genre typically attracted to your type of business and provide you further insight into the habits, interests and behaviors of those people.

The way the Audience Insights tool works is by providing you with information about the people who are either connected to your Facebook Business Page or have liked your posts.

The criteria can be broken down in the following ways:

  • Demographics that are based on age, gender, job titles, educational level and relationship statuses.
  • Lifestyles overview includes relationship status, family dynamic, location, financial status and interests.
  • Hobbies and relevance information data that is compiled by third-party resources based on what people have shown interest in or purchased.

The audience insight tool helps you know your audience better than ever and this information can be used to help you gear content towards what attracts that audience. After all the most successful businesses either fix a problem, fulfill a need or answer a desire. The information is available, so as a business why not take full advantage of it and provide your customers and audience with answers to what they are searching for.


Facebook Places

Facebook users have the option to activate a feature within Facebook that tracks their location and users can also opt to ‘check in’ at a place via mobile device. This tracking can be useful for businesses as an opportunity to offer users freebies, discount coupons or special deals when the nearby location fits within the criteria which is set up by a company that participates in these type of promotions. Consider it along the lines of “geo-targeted” marketing and determine if it will be helpful in your business model.

Facebook Geo Targeting

Location targeting helps you find people where you do business, helping you create ads that are relevant to people based on their location. You can already choose from areas near you, including country, state or ZIP code, but we now have expanded features that will give you even more ways to reach people in specific areas. 
Selecting your location
Location targeting lets you select your audience within a custom radius from the following locations:
  • Country
  • State or region
  • City
  • DMA®*
  • Zip or post code
  • Business address
*DMA® (Designated Market Area) regions are the geographic areas in the United States in which local television viewing is measured by Nielsen.
Refining your audience
Audiences can be refined based on which audience would be most interested in your business. The choices for audiences within a location are:
  • (Default) Everyone in this location. People whose current city on their Facebook profile is that location, as well as anyone determined to be in that location via mobile device.
  • People who live in this location. People whose current city from their Facebook profile is within that location. This is also validated by IP address and their Facebook friends’ stated locations.
  • Recently in this location. People whose most recent location is the selected area, as determined only via mobile device. This includes people who live there or who may be traveling there.
  • People traveling in this location. People whose most recent location is the selected area, as determined via mobile device, and are greater than 100 miles from their stated home location from their Facebook profiles.



Facebook is an ever growing social network that offers a multitude of creative ways to promote your business while building relationships with existing customers and reaching out to new ones. Consumers will look up your Facebook Business Profile when they come across your Ad, therefore consistent and quality content needs to be posted regularly. 

Happy Facebooking :)!