The Business Wilderness podcast hosted special guest Eric Azizian. Eric is the CEO & Founder of GuessBox, a real-time, verified lead generation service which provides businesses with the ability to search through 4 million plus lead records all within a seamless User Interface (UI). It adds them to outbound email campaigns automatically, within the app.


As a fourteen year old, Eric applied for a job at KFC in Sydney and never received a phone call back. Later on, he got asked to build a website for $20 an hour and he jumped on the opportunity, despite never having done such a thing before.

This was the beginning of many more development adventures to come, eventually reaching the point of making his first email marketing app at the mere age of 17. Was able to travel to New York at the age of 21 and work for a medical company. He worked in connecting doctors and patients through a video chat.

After doing that for a year and being unable to continue due to visa issues, he came back to Australia and ended up in Melbourne. He was working in Sales at a company in late 2015, when he noticed that if he could complete certain actions, he could automate much of the lead generation process.

He got to making a spreadsheet, which served as the basis and a simplified model of his app today, GuessBox. He went to deliver the good news to his boss, who also happens to be an investor. With a keen investor’s eye, he helped Eric get the idea off the ground with a seed round of funding.


Majority of the issues lie in development, even till now and how to overcome them with the development team. Most of those problems have been dealt with more or less, but the next big issue which taps into sustainability, revolves around the company’s ability to find innovative ways of gathering data, to assit with verified lead generation.

The process works by harvesting data from the internet, connecting it and then verifying email addresses. This in effect creates leads, as you have a verified email address which you can now target in your marketing campaigns.

Company Direction

Eric speaks about the notion of personalisation through automation. This means that GuessBox aims to help companies run the most personalised campaigns, by automating cumbersome tasks such as verification and allowing companies to focus on personalisation.

The aim is to connect as much data together from the web and being able to connect all the different sources available about a company to form usable data. To do that, Eric sees machine learning and text-analysis as the most important technologies that GuessBox will embrace in future.

Industry Trends

B2B lead generation is an ever-growing industry. It is following the trend of what many corpoarations are doing, that is outsourcing things like data collection and analysis through open APIs between companies. This way they don’t have to keep things in-house and benefit from having experts do it for them and pay for them to provide their services in these regards.

Lead generation is following a similar pattern, in that much of it is coming from outside the company and being redirected to it from other sources. This is precisely where Eric thinks GuessBox can fill the gap for many around the world. He reminds the audience that they shouldn’t underestimate the power of email. It is still the most effective way of converting leads after face-face meetings.

We thank Mr Azizian for his insightful look into an exciting concept he’s been able to take from idea to sustainable business model.

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