The Business Wilderness podcast hosted Inbound marketing duo Ismail and Rania Aly. Ismail & Rania Aly are the Founders of Hubspot’s Platinum Tier Partner IDS Agency. IDS is a growth agency that is specialized in Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales and Growth Driven Design. They work with medium size and enterprise companies, to help with their digital transformation efforts and help them cope with the disruption in the current marketing and sales playbooks. They are currently one of the leading digital agencies in Chile.


The couple never in their wildest dreams thought they would end up in Chile. It was unforeseen circumstances that got them to leave their home country of Egypt and head for Chile. In 2011, the arrival of the Arab Spring hit the tourism industry hardest and most of their clients happened to be from there.

They waited till 2014 to see if things stabilised, but noticed that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. They began the 6 month long research process for the most ideal place that would best suit their business and personal needs. Taking into account factors such as business growth, stability, security and quality schools and arrived at Chile as the best option. Within a week, they had gone to the tax office and set up their company, soon after they became Hubspot partners.


The obvious one is that of the language barrier. Never expected to end up in a Spanish speaking country. Therefore, trying to convince companies to jump on-board in a totally foreign country you’d imagine is an uphill battle. However, they ended up seeing this as a massive opportunity.

Not only did they have the know-how of the inbound methodology, but also had the advantage of being able to bring knowledge from outside the market and introduce it to the nation. They were able to find a unique opportunity providing workshops to Chileans about inbound methodology through expatriates.

Their major break came when they got in contact with a Scottish woman who owned a translation service and had been living in Chile for over 15 years. She wanted to promote a wine company she had started but didn’t have the budget, Ismail and Rania needed a translation service but also didn’t have the budget. With their complementing skills, they were able to come to an agreement.

This was a major breakthrough for the couple as they were able to sign up more clients, until they eventually had made enough to hire local journalists to produce content for them in Spanish.

Inbound methodology in Chile

Very new concept to the country, so at first it was a struggle to help companies adopt the methodology. Within a year or 2 the idea became much more fashionable and more widely accepted. The industry is ever-evolving and it is difficult to stay up-to-date for marketers well-versed in inbound methodology, let alone clients who see it as a non-stop process of change, which can be exhausting at times.

With time, their agency has been able to gain more interest from enterprise industries such as banking, telecommunications and tourism. They have had to adopt a different approach to marketing as their companies have plateaued with ad-word spend. Therefore they have had to seek other ways of increasing traffic and gaining new leads.


If there is a desire to achieve something, visualise it, dream it, plan it and make a bee-line straight towards it. Don’t allow anyone to get in your way and divert you from getting to that final destination and eventually you’ll get there.

Another important piece of advice is having everybody on the same page. Company goals and objectives should be aligned and employees should be made aware of these. By having the entire organisation working towards the same objectives, processes are streamlined and growth is made much easier.

We thank Ismail and Rania for their wonderful insight into navigating a real-life journey through the business wilderness.

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