Many of you constantly complain of facing content blocks or writers block in this video, we help you create a content calendar that allows you to create and produce regular content. 

In this video, our Founder discusses 7 different ways you can generate content ideas to overcome writer’s block.

Video Transcript

Welcome to The Marketing Wrap. My name is Ahmad Elhawli, and today we will be discussing how to build an effective content calendar. Too many of you have been saying that constantly having or going into a mode where they have a content block. They don’t know what other content to create, how to create it, so on and so on. To fill out a content calendar: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, you need to have plenty of content ready.

Let’s discuss a few different ways. Number one: there’s a site called, You type in your keyword and it’ll give you, depending on what your keyword is, hundreds of possibilities of different topics you can basically cover or create content for.

Number two is HubSpot a tool called your topic generator. Once again you type in your important keyword and like, for example when I say word keyword I mean if you sell cricket bats, type in cricket bat and it’ll give you again tonnes of possibilities on topics or questions you can answer in that topic.

Number three is basically the Google search engine. Type with the word cricket bag in or cricket in or whatever your industry is or whatever product you sell and as you’re typing you see it automatic direct beneath it most searched phrases or wanted key words so on so on. A lot of the times those search are people, they’re the most search in regards to your key word. So type in create content about one. Put them in different blog posts, create video posts about them, transcribe those videos, so on so on.

Number four, scroll down to the bottom of your Google page. You’ll see different keywords, different phrases. There’s two columns a lot of the time with different keywords and phrases relative to history. You can create more content from it as well.

Number five, is your FAQs. Different questions that people have asked you on the phones, in person. Write them all down. Record them, create content of them.

That’s five different ways or examples of different ways you can create content and keep it going on and on and on.

Number six, take the initiative, do research, further develop yourself as a resource in your industry and go and research different areas, different nations, bring back more information to the industry to your consumers and share it with them. That way you will then be the one that they look for when they need answers. You’ll be the resource that they will swear by, they will tell everybody about and you’ll definitely benefit from them.

Number seven, Type in your keyword once again. It gives you all the hottest content that’s being shared on the internet, right then and there so the most shared content. Go there, look at what other people are creating, what kind of content they’re creating, and create the same but better, longer form, do better work and then send it back to the institutions that you see have published that content. For example, let’s say has shared an article called entrepreneurship and its come from a different organisation. Go write one about entrepreneurship covering the same ten, fifteen, twenty tips and come back and approaching several organisations. They might say yes, they might say no. You have nothing to lose. At the end of the day, you’ll win cause you’re creating content.

Seven different ways for you to create content. You should have no more issues filling out that content calendar. Go out there, do it, get it done, take care and thank you for watching, peace out.