The Business Wilderness podcast hosted special guest Moran Chamsi this time round. Moran is the CEO of voice social media company, Hear Me Out. Hear Me Out has been donned the ‘twitter of voice’ by users and media alike.


Mr Chamsi noticed a lack of authenticity in social media. It is very easy to write a post that transmits authenticity and substance, however neither of the above may be genuinely present. Therefore, Moran went to work on making a social media network that projected authenticity to its users. Hence came the creation of Hear Me Out.

Already available in car systems, he realised that voice is much more likely to project authenticity and went to work producing a social network that believed in genuine interaction. This social network allows you to post up to 42 seconds of recorded audio. As a feed, you can listen to your favourite artists, politicians, business people and friends and family as they pop up.

Mr Chamsi is well-versed in digital tech as he previously worked as CEO of a digital agency and as a part of some of the biggest companies in the startup hub of Tel Aviv. His app recently reached a major milestone making the top 20 list for most downloaded apps in the US and Canada.

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Challenges Encountered

The challenges of the road are still ongoing, especially when operating in such a rapidly evolving industry. For Hear Me Out, the major challenge is continuously innovating and being able to react market and industry changes accordingly. In order to do this appropriately, he mentions the need to be good listeners and putting personal preferences aside.

He duly notes that this entire idea came from users in the first place. Therefore, if as a company they refuse to listen and provide better solutions for users, then not only will they lose their core but also their clientele.

Industry Direction

The advent of voice is making a come back with a vengeance in the digital space.This is seen with products such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, voice navigation, voice search, voice messaging and others. This is exactly why Hear Me Out exists in the first place, it is there to utilise such an important and growing aspect of digital technology,  but also enhance genuine human interaction which is essential to our welfare.


In terms of giving advice, Mr Chamsi humbly speaks of plenty of people online that are more qualified to give advice in this regard. However from personal experience he points out two important factors in any startup’s success-belief and hardwork.

All entrepreneurs see this as their salvation, but he advises startups to not only be great believers in their ability, but also to work towards making those big dreams a reality. You cannot have one without the other. Have your dreams grounded in hardwork and don’t be deterred by failure along the way.

We thank Mr Chamsi for his concise summary of his revolutionary addition to the social network space and his insightful comments on the future of voice.

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