What is a buyer persona? A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data, Market research, some select educated speculation about customer Demographics, Behavior patterns, motivations and goals. Every organisation should develop multiple buyer personas and base their marketing, sales, product development and services on their different personas. By doing so you know you are creating products and providing services which fulfill the needs of your consumer or targeted audience.


The question then is how do I create a buyer persona? not too difficult, you need to ask the right questions to the right people. Remember the more detailed their answers the more you will know about your personas. I would start with existing customers, organise telephone interviews, meet them for lunch and conduct face to face interviews. What happens if we are a new business with no customers? nothing… The same principles apply, you just dont have existing customers to talk to. You will go through trial and error but that’s the only way to truly know who your buyer persona is.


As an organisation you need to have more then one persona, organisations serve different age groups. Different age groups bring different lifestyles and interests, therefore you need to cater for them differently. Buyer personas allow you to provide a personalized and humanized experience. Too many organisations are forgetting they are dealing with a human just like themselves at the other end of the phone or screen. The organisations who provide personalized services are excelling because they know their targeted audiences wants and needs. In the very beginning start small, create 2 or 3 buyer personas, as you see development move onto creating more. There really is no magical number of buyer personas organisations should have, every organisation will vary.

There is also negative personas, negative personas are representations of who you do not want as a customer. Its important to highlight negative personas, it gives employees a clearer path on who they should or should not target. For Example your product maybe a high end expensive product, consumers with low to medium incomes are generally not going to purchase high end products. This allows you to channel your resources to High income earners and eliminates spam, waste of resources and many others…

How do buyer personas help you deliver efficient and effective Marketing? developing personas allows you to create personalized content and messaging that appeals to your Target audiences. It allows you to segment your content based on different persona interests and deliver more effective marketing campaigns. Remember you are selling different products to different age groups who live different lifestyles, the same content or messaging cannot apply to all.

buyer personas

So, let’s give you an example. I own a business. I need to know more about my potential and current customers? I look through my stats and I see that most of my customers come from Melbourne. They’re between the age of 25 and 34. Let’s dig deeper. What do they do for employment? Are they accountants? Are they lawyers? What interests them? What does a typical day look like? In which industries does their company work? What is the size of their company? and the list goes on. If I were to categorize the questions I would work off the following: Role, Company, Goals, Challenges, Resources, Personal background and shopping preferences. Each category could consist of as  many questions as you need to know about your buyer persona. These are your interview questions, I would interview a minimum of 3 people for each Persona. Hubspot has a great template that will make things much easier for you to conduct interviews.

If you begin to find it difficult to interview people, give them incentives to sit down with you and discuss their experience. Don’t make interview sessions too long, stay away from trying to sell to them before or after the interview. Make it easy, organise somewhere convenient for them to catch up, organise calls at a time they are comfortable with, as it gets closer to the interview send courtesy emails reminding them about your meeting. I would go as far as organizing an Uber for them or pay for their transportation so they are not out of pocket.

So if you or your organisation don’t already have buyer personas its never too late to create them. If you find yourself having difficulty creating them register for a Free Consultation below. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and was of great benefit to you.