Social media marketing changes the playing field for companies in a very different way than the traditional forms of advertising. While those ways certainly still have their place, advertising on social media reaches people through more creative approaches.

Social Media Marketing Basics

Social media marketing, also referred to as SMM, can be incorporated through ads, videos and more. Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind when developing a marketing strategy for social media is to remember the name speaks for itself. Social media is all about building relationships.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media platforms are all about people wanting to talk with others who share the same interests, hobbies, professions, goals, points of view, etc. Therefore, when businesses and professionals want to attract new customers on these platforms, then the advertising format must resonate with what the audience is seeking.


What Is Social Media Marketing Used For?

Social media marketing is quickly becoming mainstream for businesses as a way to become more relational with customers. When businesses are available to customers it helps increase brand visibility and you are able reach a larger number of people.

In addition to gaining more recognition from both current customers and potential new ones, businesses are involving employees as well. Through encouraging staff members to interact on a company’s profile page, it shows activity as well as involvement in a community-oriented manner. It portrays to outside viewers that you are “real” while also encouraging employees and results in making them feel a part of something bigger.


How to Use Social Media Marketing

Companies can use this as a way of gaining recognition by interacting with users on a real-time basis. Each social media platform requires that you create a profile, which will allow you to begin communicating with customers as well as other businesses. It works great for B2C as well as B2B. Being responsive to comments is another important aspect of social media. Interaction and timely responses will help build trust within the audience.

This interaction is referred to as social customer relation management, or Social CRM. When users feel that your business is truly interested in helping them, your credibility is strengthened.

As mentioned earlier, a creative method in advertising can be used in social media. Once you determine the primary goal for advertising then you’ll be able to define the audience that you want to reach as well as the best approach to take. For example if your product or service lends to the possibility of incorporating fun or humor, then use that to your advantage. Bottom line, the more personable you portray your business, the better response you will receive. Additionally, when you provide free, quality content, people perceive it as valuable. This can be delivered as “quick tips” or a how-to instructional video and of course always including your company brand.


Give Them What They Want

Oftentimes people are on social media during downtime, which means a fun or intriguing video that shares information about your product or service will be much better received than a serious and formal traditional approach to advertising. With more than 90% of people having smartphones, it is routine to hop on the Internet to conduct a quick search on a specific product or to refer to social media for feedback on products and services when making decisions.

A huge advantage in social media marketing is that it can work with any budget and still serve as a major influencer in acquiring new customers as well as increasing loyalty from existing customers. When your audience feels heard and appreciated and when you provide them with solutions to problems or fulfill a need in some other way, then you will essentially build relationships with clients while also increasing recognition of your brand.

It all comes down to the strategy and execution. By defining the message you want to share and the audience that you want to target help you determine which platform will work best for execution.

The ROI of Social Media Marketing

ROI on social media is different than merely focusing on the dollar amount. This method of marketing takes time and rather than assessing immediate response, it is important to consider the long-term effects. Social media is all about building relationships. So in consideration of ROI in social marketing, some people measure the increase in traffic numbers while others base it strictly on sales.

When delving into social media marketing, be sure to create a presence on various social platforms. And while building your presence on these different platforms, it is recommended that you thoroughly define your target market and know what that audience wants and be consistent in the delivery of your message.

In addition to this, creating a trustworthy presence on social media means that ongoing active involvement must take place. When you portray your company as being dependable and responsive and you have clarity in the message you are delivering, then eventually you will see a return on investment.

Being Seen

Paid advertising always has its place but businesses can have success on social media without paid ads. This process still takes a bit of strategy but the tactics mentioned below can build viewership organically:

  • When you post on social media make it count by providing content that will be perceived valuable by your audience. Sometimes posting less frequently while delivering quality is much better received.
  • Be consistent in posting. The frequency in which you post can be weekly, bi-weekly and/or daily in some cases; the key is to be consistent. Deliver on time every time. This can be accomplished by creating a series of valuable videos with snippets of information and by delivering them over the course of time, you are 1) showing consistency and 2) engaging your audience and leaving them wanting more, so they will be anticipating your next post.

Social media paves the way to gain higher visibility to a preferred targeted audience. Marketing in this way can increase sales across various platforms.


Get Familiar with Social Media Marketing for your Business

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