A solid content marketing strategy can do wonders for your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. Still, if you’ve already started on the journey to creating and implementing a content marketing strategy, you may be wondering what you can do to build a winning content marketing strategy, right? You’re in the right place.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty it’s important that you know this: a winning content marketing strategy is comprised of two things. Those two things are clarity and consistency. Everything that we will discuss in this article will fall under one of those two headings. At the root of it all, a great content marketing strategy is simple. Once you’ve grasped the principles of clarity and consistency, you have the key to creating and leveraging a content marketing strategy that moves the needle for your business.

Let’s take a look at the first principle, clarity.


Without clarity, you’ll never completely see true success in your content marketing. When we speak of clarity, we mean more than just having an idea of what it is your hoping to accomplish. True clarity in your content marketing strategy encompasses the following four areas.

Be clear on your goals

You should have a detailed description of what you want to achieve with your business’ content marketing strategy. Not only should these goals be detailed, but they should also be achievable. For example, aiming to increase sales within six months would not only be a vague goal, but it would also be largely unrealistic given the fact that content marketing is a long term game.

When it comes to being clear on your goals, aim to have a descriptive paragraph that speaks to each goal in detail. The paragraph should describe your method of achieving the goal, the data-backed reasons you know that you’ll be able to achieve this goal, as well as a timeline for achieving it. This sort of clarity will help to put each part of your content marketing strategy in perspective.

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Be clear on what you have and what you don’t

Before your content marketing strategy can be effective and ultimately a successful one, you’ll need to be aware of what you have going for your business and what you have going against you. If your business already has a reputation for creating impressive visual content through your social media channels, then this existing content that can be leveraged in your new content marketing strategy.

However, in addition to finding out how you have been making an impact with content in the past, you’ll also need to be aware of the gaping holes in your strategy. Does your business lack authoritative blog posts that can help latent customers make a purchasing decision? Or is it that you’re missing impressive video content that capitalizes on the video marketing boom? Getting clear on what you have and what you don’t will give you a compass that will lead you in the direction you need to connect with your audience through content marketing.

Be clear on who you’re targeting

We can’t stress how important this particular part of clarity is. Without knowing who you’re targeting, your content marketing strategy is as good as zilch. Still, knowing your audience is more than just knowing what your clients would like to year. The type of clarity to you need is the kind where you know your people like they’re your best friend that grew up across the street from you.

Get clear on things like the publications they read, the television shows they like to watch, the way they think, the way they see the world. Armed with that kind of information, you’ll be able to create content that actually helps them, something that most businesses fail to do.

Be clear on how it relates your sales funnel

With your content marketing strategy, clarity about your sales funnel is another important component. You need to be 100% clear about how each piece of your content marketing strategy relates to it.

With this kind of clarity at your disposal, your content marketing strategy will be nothing short of amazing! But, now that we’ve covered the importance of clarity in a winning content marketing strategy, let’s take a look at the second component, clarity.


Consistency is the next key to a great content marketing strategy. Because of the nature of content marketing, you’ll only see results when you consistently execute on the strategy. Though not as expansive as the clarity aspect, the principle of consistency includes two main points to consider when building your strategy.

Analyze your results

This is first way that you can contribute to your content marketing consistency. By analyzing any results you see for each piece of content will help you to make better decisions with your content as you move forward with your strategy. For example, if through analysis you realize that a specific kind of content does better than other kinds, you’ll be able to use that information to create more videos, which will magnify your reach.

Adjust your trajectory

After analyzing your results, the next step is to adjust your content marketing strategy. That’s one of the best parts about a winning content marketing strategy is the fact that it is a dynamic, living, breathing thing. Using the results you collect, you can change the direction you take your content marketing in. A successful strategy isn’t static, instead it adapts to the needs of the audience it serves.

With these two principles in mind, you’ve got everything you need to completely redefine your content marketing strategy. These tips will help you build a content marketing strategy that actually gets you the results you’re after. Have you already found some of these tips helpful? Here at Business Wilderness, do all this and more for our clients.