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Our Full Stack Inbound Marketing Package

Our core inbound marketing services are built around generating the greatest marketing ROI for your business—the best bang for your buck with content creation, lead generation campaigns, website design and social media. Inbound marketing isn’t the art of selling, it’s the art of helping. By helping identify your buyers’ challenges and providing clear courses of action, your offerings turn into valued solutions.

Inbound Marketing Setup

Having an inbound marketing setup is essential to long-term success. This module involves an audit of your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other analytics and key performance indicators (KPI) to gather a baseline. We also research your ideal customers and create personas so all future content efforts directly address their wants and pain points. Building a proper foundation sets the stage for your inbound marketing success.


  • SMART goals
  • Persona development
  • Keyword research
  • Initial Search Engine Optimization
  • Website design audit
  • Social media setup
  • Analytics setup

Create 1st Campaign

  • Create premium content offer (ebook, whitepaper, tip sheet, etc.)
  • Landing pages, calls-to-action, workflows, lead
  • Nurturing emails
  • Social media promo
  • Blog posts

Content Mapping

  • SMART goals
  • Content audit
  • Create editorial calendar
  • Create social media calendar
  • Campaign outline

Website Enhancement

No website page goes unturned with our page performance evaluation, where load times, bounce rates, and more are optimized so they’re squeaky clean, running smoothly and converting on all cylinders.

Website Enhancement Includes:

  • Google Analytics and HubSpot review of site page performance, bounce rates, time on page, etc. – prioritize design needs accordingly
  • Sync design strategy with inbound marketing gameplan
  • Design edits (1-2 items per month) to increase conversions

Routine Strategy/Review Sessions

You’ll always be informed of everything we’re doing, when we’re doing it. This means weekly meetings with the appropriate agenda and recap notes so everything is addressed and we continue a solid game plan forward.

Strategy/Review Sessions Include:

  • 1 call/virtual meeting per week with IMC
  • Analysis of initial metrics and results on prior week’s campaign efforts
  • Monthly planning/strategy meeting for current and on-deck campaign efforts with Strategist

Buyer Persona Research & Development

Personas are the core of all our marketing efforts. We take time to interview you and any associated customers to flesh these personas out as true representations of your ideal buyers. That way, our content will resonate and compel your actual prospects to go down the marketing funnel.

Buyer Persona R&D Includes:

  • Full profile build for every defined persona
  • Establish segmentation triggers based on individual needs/pain points


Many times, new visitors will find you through blogs. We blog twice a week to ensure SEO juice is constantly being added to your website through indexed pages and keywords.

Blogging Activites Include:

  • 8 Blog posts/month (could vary based on allocated points)
  • Editorial calendar creation and management

Social Media Management

HubSpot makes it easy to view all your social platforms at once and monitor engagement – we help you sync your accounts and monitor keywords and hashtags, too.

Social Media Management Includes:

  • Create, review and update all major social channels
  • Set up auto-publishing functionality in HubSpot
  • Create persona/keyword-specific social monitoring streams in HubSpot

Content Offers

Content offers are a prominent lead generation tool that helps your users solve a problem. We base these off personas, industry research, and your own insights.

Content Offers Could Include:

  • 1 new premium offer per quarter
  • 1 new 1-page content offer (tip sheet, checklist, etc.) per quarter
  • TOFU (top-of-the-funnel), MOFU (middle-of-the-funnel) or BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel)

Custom-Built Campaign:

  • Landing page
  • Thank You page
  • Social promo
  • Email promo
  • CTA(s)

Monthly ROI Assessment

Your return on investment (ROI) is our top priority. Our monthly strategy sessions allow us to collaborate with you and discuss any adjustments that need to be made in our approach to achieve and exceed goals.

Monthly ROI Assessments Include:

  • Set up Client Dashboard/Scorecard
  • Are we on track or exceeding initial campaign ROI targets
  • Review data and adapt if necessary

Keyword Audit & Ongoing Optimization

SEO is constantly evolving, so it’s not something you just “set and forget.” This includes analyzing your competitors to see where improvements can be made to outrank them over time.

KW Audit & Optimization Includes:

  • Full-site SEO audit to determine critical gaps
  • Competitor analysis and utilization of HubSpot
  • Keywords tool to detect attainable ranking opportunities and strategize long-tail/short-tail keywords

Email Marketing

Utilizing email ensures your message gets out to your contacts about new articles, press releases, and new content offers.

Email Marketing Includes:

  • 1 newsletter template
  • 2 email promos per month (Could vary based on allocated points)
  • Persona-specific to increase conversion opportunities

Workflows & Lead Nurturing

We evaluate workflows for the different lists and contacts you have in HubSpot, as well as how to target them for optimal conversion. Setting up lead nurturing campaigns will serve up the right content to your prospects at the right time, converting them into customers when they’re ready.

Workflows & Lead Nurturing Includes:

  • All necessary workflow/lead nurturing efforts per campaign
  • 3-6 targeted emails per workflow to nurture most prominent/valuable personas

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