As of last year, 112 million Americans had listened to a podcast. That means 2017 saw an 11% rise in podcast listeners from 2016, and those numbers are only expected to increase.

The number of Americans who listen to podcasts each month tops 67 million, and more than 42 million listen to podcasts every week. That’s five times more than the number of Americans who go to the movies in a week.

Another interesting point to note? The audience is growing steadily, and it has been for sometime. This isn’t a recent occurrence and it’s not a pattern that is expected to change anytime soon. Every year, the industry sees a consistent 10% to 20% increase in listeners.

This in itself begins to paint the picture of how valuable a podcast could be for your business.

Need a Podcast?

Offering a podcast that is relevant to your company will not only increase engagement and ultimately turn you into a niche authority, it will also spread the word about your brand and get you new customers.

In fact, launching a podcast will prove to be a valuable investment for your company as it will:

● Spread the word. Your podcast will be published to all of the popular platforms where they will reach users organically. Every podcast will be a valuable ad for your business.

● Increase engagement. Want to get your customers interacting with your brand? Sharing a weekly or monthly podcast with them is a great way to do it.

● Inform and inspire. Your podcast has limitless possibilities. You can use it to educate your customers about your business, product, or industry and ultimately convert listeners into customers, and loyal followers.Now, you may be wondering: How do I even begin putting a podcast together?

That’s where we can help.

We create, distribute, and market podcasts for companies around the world. We will begin the process by consulting with you about your company and your objectives. We’ll sit down and begin throwing around ideas of the different directions your podcast can take. We’ll also get into discussing the potential format it will follow and its length and schedule.

Once we have decided on the basics, we will begin researching your company and niche. Then, we’ll get into the exciting part: Putting your company’s first podcast together!

You will be in the loop throughout the process as we find the right voices to talk on behalf of your company. We will also have writers assembling scripts for the podcast and finding talking points that will resonate with your customers.

When it is all recorded and edited, we will present it to you for your approval. Once it has your okay, we’ll officially launch your company podcast.

What We’ll Do

After your podcast has been created, we will distribute it to the top platforms in the industry, and then begin the essential marketing process.

Although your podcast will receive some organic traffic (especially as it grows in popularity), the initial marketing will help propel this process forward and get it off the ground.

Following the marketing campaign, we’ll deliver a report detailing the results of your first podcast launch. We will show you how many listens your podcast received, where they came from, and where they went. We can help you track conversions and leads resulting from these podcasts as well.

Here’s what makes a podcast so powerful…
Your first report is sure to show some impressive results, but we think you’ll be even more amazed at the long-term results of having your podcast published. Once your podcast is up, it will be available far into the future.

Organically, more and more users will begin finding your podcast as it accumulates more listens. This is what makes podcasting such a powerful tool: Once you put it out there, it’s there to stay and it will continue bringing new users to your company.

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