Cat Williams-Treloar

Human-Centered Marketing Consultant helping tech startups Go-To-Market across APAC

Humanisation was born to help tech startups make a human impact in a digital world.

They are Marketing & Business Consultants who help tech startups Go-To-Market across APAC. Our secret sauce is Human-Centered Marketing.

Before starting Humanisation, Cat worked in senior Strategy & Marketing roles spanning APAC, EMEA and Globally. Cat’s strength is helping businesses understand and connect with their customers.

Cat’s journey began in Australia 18 years ago building websites, crafting offers and nurturing email lists.

A little over 15 years ago she became obsessed with understanding people & behaviours. Cat practised both qualitative & quantitative research ranging from focus groups, ethnographic research, segmentation, user testing, product testing, brand & sales analysis, trend hunting, social listening, digital analytics & response.

For the past 10 years she has helped businesses craft their go-to-market strategies as a consultant, agency partner & Marketing Director. Cat done this for brands across 30 countries to help them enter new markets and grow globally – with a great deal of learning along the way.

Her Go-To-Market experience spans: building and executing strategies to drive business growth; identifying the most valuable customers to engage; creating value pricing strategies to convert; identifying channels to expand partner distribution; collaborating across sales and marketing to convert leads.

To learn more about how Humanisation could help your business in APAC, connect with Cat on LinkedIn, contact me at cat@humanisation.com or visit www.humanisation.com.

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