Cheryl Mack

CEO OF Startcon - Largest Startup & Growth Conference in Australia

Cheryl Mack is currently the Head of StartCon (a company). She hosts the largest startup and growth event in Australia, with over 3000 attendees and featuring huge-name speakers from the world’s biggest technology companies. She sits on the Program Advisory Committee for the City of Sydney’s Tech Startups Action Plan. Cheryl is also an active mentor for young entrepreneurs.

Cheryl has hosted over 200 talks with successful founders, investors, and industry experts in Canada, the US & Australia. Currently seeking refuge in Sydney, Australia, after escaping from the Canadian Asylum for the Mentally Gifted, Cheryl previously founded the Startup Grind Vancouver, creating video episodes with people such as Eric Migicovsky (Founder @ Pebble Watches), Boris Wertz (Board Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz), and Dan Martell (Founder @ Early in her career, Cheryl held key marketing management roles at Gauge Mobile (acquired by Juice Mobile), and iCompass Technologies where she was responsible for new channel revenue growth of 200% YOY.

Cheryl graduated from the University of British Columbia, with a Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing. In her lifetime, she has lived and worked in startup ecosystems in Canada, Europe, the US, and Australia, she plans to continue helping startups around the world in a mission to grow them into global companies.

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