Ivan Brehm

Chef & Owner of Nouri Restaurant - Unlisted Collection I Keynote Speaker I Culinary Coaching I R&D

Ivan Brehm is the Head Chef and Owner of Nouri restaurant. Rooted in the latin word for nourishment, Nouri is a partnership with award-winning hospitality group Unlisted Collection and is located at 72 Amoy Street, in the heart of the Central Business District Singapore.

At Nouri, they present a cuisine that crosses cultural boundaries; creative and impeccable dining that allows for both the discovery of new tastes and new experiences while evoking deep sense of familiarity, shared ancestry and appreciation.

“Crossroads cooking” is a term that embodies not only shared elementary techniques, tastes and flavour but also impressions across cultures.

Guests start their dinner, for example, with Nouri’s Silken Cheese; a dish inspired by the shared appreciation for texture, technique and flavor.

On appearance, the cheese resembles an Italian panna cotta but can easily be interpreted as Asian silken tofu depending on a diner’s cultural reference point. This cheese is made from fresh milk and finished with grated nutmeg, lemon and pickled nutmeg flesh. Paired with Nouri’s homemade sourdough, guests are invited to come together and ‘break bread’ before savouring it with the cheese.

Visit www.nouri.com.sg

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