Louisa Dahl

Founder & CEO Interactive Minds, Marketer, Author, Speaker

Louisa is a digital marketing expert who founded networking and educational events company Interactive Minds.

Louisa has over 17 years experience in the digital marketing industry and throughout her career has worked across private companies, government and agencies in developing and delivering strategic digital marketing activities.

Louisa has founded 3 companies in the past 10 years and enjoys the process of getting a new business to market and making it a success. She is the CEO of Interactive Minds which runs regular events and training for marketing professionals allowing them to learn and connect with talented industry peers and keep their knowledge and skills fresh in the fast moving world of digital. Find out about upcoming events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle at

Louisa has recently written her first book, The Deliberate Digital Marketer which outlines the framework of high-performing industry leaders. See more at

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