Lynette SEAH Founder & CEO Alpha7

Digital Transformation Advisor & Strategist

Lynette SEAH Founder & CEO Alpha7. Alpha7 help small and growing businesses transform in today’s Digital Economy. WithTheir in-house data experts, Alpha7 introduces A7 IoB® (A7 Internet of Business). A7 IoB® is a self-service digital workspace tool, built to empower small and growing business to take charge of their biggest asset: business data. Thus, allowing businesses to use data and make smarter data-driven decisions.

Enterprises who are helping SMEs can also leverage A7 IoB® to provide value-added services to their clients.

A7 IoB® can:
✔ Connect your data sources with ease and view your business performance with accuracy.
✔ Discover business opportunities using data.
✔ Validate your business decisions with real-time data.

Alpha7 also has a strong belief in social responsibility and believes in the value of community and is a proud supporter of these charities:
• St Andrews Community Hospital
• Arc Children’s Centre
• Healthserve

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