Shawn Singh

Retail Disruptor | Founder of GroceryGetter

Shawn Singh is a Co-Founder of GroceryGetter, an app that allows you to compare prices of groceries between Australian Supermarket Chains Coles, Woolworths and ALDI to have the cheapest from each supermarket delivered to your front door.

Shawn started out as an entrepreneur early. With a passion for imported Japanese sports cars, Shawn noticed that odometer tampering was rife in the industry. To stop it, he began Japanese Odometer Check, a business that allowed you to obtain authentic documentation from the Japanese Roads & Traffic Ministry for your imported motor vehicle. This business was profitable from day one and was featured on A Current Affair & 60 Minutes.

Evolving from Japanese Odometer Check, Shawn went onto create Genuine Imports, Australia’s most reputable automotive importer. The business operated completely on Facebook, with customers handing over tens of thousands of dollars for a car based purely on the business’s & founders reputations.

Shawn has years of experience in the corporate world, leading large financial services projects in the Superannuation space as a Product Manager in AMP & ING Bank. Having quit his job to follow his dreams he now spends all of his time focused on creating a grocery experience you’ll never forget. You can reach out to Shawn on LinkedIn or shawn@grocerygetter.com.au

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