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Natalia Shirshova is co-founder and CMO of REINNO – a fintech startup bringing liquidity to commercial real estate. With a background in Economics researching non-performing loans and stock market interdependencies, she is leading the fintech revolution. One of her main goals is demystifying and destigmatizing the world of digital assets. Natalia believes that education and cooperation between blockchain companies are essential for wider adoption. Before REINNO, she did marketing and PR for companies in various industries, including consumer electronics, education, and big pharma. 

REINNO developed lending and investment products to help commercial real estate investors gain liquidity with blockchain technology. REINNO’s team built a proprietary lending platform and risk model for income-producing properties in the U.S.

REINNO marketplace allows investors worldwide to buy fractions of professionally-managed commercial buildings, from multifamily to industrial. Earlier this year, the marketplace was recognized by Wealth and Finance International and Fintech Breakthrough Awards.

Most recently, REINNO became a finalist at the Wealth Management Industry Awards in three categories, including Blockchain and Real Estate. REINNO is also nominated for the Benzinga Fintech Awards and Hackernoon Startup of the Year.

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Episode 7